22. juli-senteret


The 22 July Centre was established by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation and opened on 22 July 2015. In July 2019, the 22 July Centre became a subordinate body under the Ministry of Education and Research.

The 22 July Centre was established in dialogue with The National Support Group after 22 July and AUF.

The exhibition The Public Conversation About 22 July is curated by the 22 July Centre.

Project leader: Lena Fahre, Director

Concept, content, and design: 22 July Centre, Anne Lene Andersen, Maja Gudim Burheim, Ana Rita Ferreira, Stine Furan, Christina Marwold, Bjørg Kristine Michalak-Paulsen, Øystein Emil Norén, Julie Ræstad Owe, Anne Talsnes.

Exhibition architecture: Blakstad Haffner AS, Arkitekt Atle Aas AS

Graphic Design: Miksmaster Creative AS

Interaction Design: Logic Interactive AS

Objects: The National Archives, Oslo police District, Utøya AS, private donations

Print: Megaprint AS

Film production: NRK, G.S.S.O, Red Ant AS, Godt sagt AS

Photos for «To live on»: Andrea Gjestvang

Carpentry and assembly: Jøndal og Hoff AS

Lighting design: Halvor Næss Belysningsdesigner AS

Textiles: Kvint Blendex AS

Translation: Allegro språktjenester

Thanks to:

Jørgen Watne Frydnes, Ingeborg Hjorth, Tone Jørstad, Ana Perona-Fjeldstad, Claudia Lenz, Cora Alexa Døving, Kyrre Kverndokk, Helge Renå, Iver Tangen Stensrud, Indigo Trigg-Hauger, The European Wergeland Center, Utøya AS Norwegian centre for violence and traumatic stress studies (NKVTS), Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation with subcontractors (G.S.S.O), Statsbygg with subcontractors and the photographers who have given their permission to use their images.

The exhibition contains elements from the 22 July Centre´s exhibition from 2015, which was developed by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Tor Einar Fagerland, Line Gjermshusengen, Ingeborg Hjorth, Åshild Karevold, and Atle Aas.


Special thanks to National Support Group after 22 July, AUF, bereaved, survivors, and all affected by the terror attack on 22 July 2011.