22. juli-senteret

About the 22 July Centre

The 22 July Centre is a learning centre that works with the mediation of memory and knowledge about the terror attacks in Oslo and on Utøya on the 22nd of July 2011.

The 22 July Centre is located at Teatergata 10, in the Government building complex in central Oslo. The permanent exhibition is titled The Public Conversation About 22 July. The permanent exhibition contains a timeline of the terror attack that took place on 22 July 2011, as well as seven narratives about 22 July. With these narratives we aim to broaden the conversation about 22 July today and in the years to follow. The centre was opened on 22 July 2015, in the High-rise building, and is temporarily moved to Teatergata 10 due to renovation work in the Governemnt building complex.

About the location