22. juli-senteret

The Labour Party in conspiracy theories

Hatred of and conspiracy theories about the Norwegian Labour Party can be traced back to the interwar period. Right-wing political parties, primarily the far-right party Nasjonal Samling (NS), sowed doubt about the Labour Party’s loyalty to the country since it had a tradition of international cooperation with the labour movement and communists in other countries. Influential conspiracy theories deemed communism to be the work of the Jews, and the Labour Party was accused of cooperating with the Jews to destroy Norway.

The Eurabia conspiracy theory accuses the Labour Party of working to Islamify Norwegian society. Regardless of who the Labour Party has been accused of cooperating with, it is in any case accused of not being honest about the goals it is working to achieve. Conspiracy theorists claim that both the party programme and public statements are lies.

The Labour Party is the biggest party in Norway and the longest ruling party since World War II. Conspiracy theories often convey distrust and hatred towards the assumed elite and those in power, and this can contribute to explaining why such theories exist about the Labour Party.



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