22. juli-senteret

Privacy declaration

This privacy declaration explains how the 22 July Centre collects and uses personal data. Its objective is to provide you with general information on this issue.

The 22 July Centre is the data controller for our processing of personal data. The data controller decides the objectives for the processing of personal data and the aids to be used. The director of the 22 July Centre is responsible for the processing of personal data.

1. When does the 22 July Centre collect personal data?

We mainly process information that you have provided to us for one of these reasons:

  • You have sent us an inquiry
  • You have signed up for a course, seminar or teaching programme with us
  • You have applied for a job with us
  • You have requested access to documents pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act
  • You have signed up for an event or a competition
  • You are a journalist and have contacted us for a statement
  • You have ordered information material
  • You visit our website 22julisenteret.no
  • You participate in the Witness Project and/or Stories of Those We Lost

We also receive information indirectly:

  • We have received a letter with information about you
  • Your data are stored for a teaching programme or a witness profile
  • An employee has named you as their next of kin
  • A job applicant has named you as a reference

We have external data processors who are responsible for the operation, development and maintenance of our website, for payment of travel expenses and fees to external contributors etc. We have separate data processing agreements that stipulate the kinds of information the data processors can access. If you would like more information about our data processing agreements, you can contact us by email: post@22julisenteret.no.

The Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (DSS) is responsible for the operation of ICT systems at the 22 July Centre, and also for management of the technical aspects of personal data processing. We therefore refer to the DSS privacy declaration for explanations of the technical aspects involved in handling of personal data associated with websites and email: https://dss.dep.no/om-oss/personvernerklaring-for-dss/

2. Your rights

Pursuant to Section 18 paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Act, everybody has the right to request information on how an organisation processes personal data.

Those who are registered in one of our systems have the right to access their own data. They also have the right to request that incorrect or incomplete data or data that the 22 July Centre is not authorised to process be rectified, deleted or supplemented. A response to the request shall be provided free of charge and within 30 days.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy declaration you can contact the 22 July Centre by email post@22julisenteret.no or our data protection officer Bjørg Michalak-Paulsen by email bjmi@22julisenteret.no.