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Scar – About the artist


Photo: © AG Henriksen

Werner Anderson (born in Ålesund, 1972)
Norwegian photographer, director and visual artist

Anderson’s artistic production is heavily influenced by his photographic work in areas of conflict. Working for humanitarian organisations like the Red Cross and Norwegian People’s Aid, he spent many years documenting the removal of explosives and the lives of civilian victims of war in the wake of armed conflict. For several decades he worked in various countries in South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and South America.

Rooted in his socially engaged approach to art, Anderson’s poetic pictures ask open-ended questions about our collective and individual processing of the past. The artist also works with themes linked to the relationship between man and nature.

Werner Anderson’s pictures have been exhibited by the Preus Museum, the Nordic Light International Festival, and in a number of galleries in the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Spain, Jordan and Ireland.

He has won several national and international awards and prizes for his work.

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