22. juli-senteret

Stories of those we lost

Who were they, what did they dream of, and how are they remembered by those who knew them the best?

The 22 July Centre is a place for learning, and a place to commemorate. Through an exhibition, documentation and teaching, we want to emphasize the meaning of the terror attack in regards of human loss – thus how 22 July affected individuals.

In the 22 July Centre’s room of remembrance and through the testimonies of those affected, we get to know names and faces of those who are no longer with us. But who were they, and what did they dream of? Bereaved families, but also students and visitors in the 22 July Centre, have expressed a wish to get to know those we lost, not just as victims of the terror, but as the living people they were before 22 of July.

In these films we want to emphasize the stories of those we lost – told by those who knew them the best.

About the project

The project Stories of those we lost is one of several recent additions to our new exhibition in Teatergata 10. The project documents and preserves stories about the lived lives of the victims, told by their families through film, and is a permanent part of the exhibition. Just as in the witness testimony project, it is our commitment that every family who wishes to share their story will be able to do so. Our ambition is that the 22 July Centre will include as many of the stories as possible.