22. juli-senteret

The Eurabia conspiracy theory

The term Eurabia is formed from the words Europe and Arabia, and refer to a conspiracy theory claiming that a European elite (political, academic and otherwise) is cooperating with Arab countries to increase the level of Muslim immigration to Europe. According to the conspiracy theorists, the goal is to make the continent an Islamic colony. In the context of Norway, the Norwegian Labour Party is first and foremost regarded as the political elite in this understanding, and thereby also the ‘enemy within’ that is working to ‘Islamify’ Norway. ‘Eurabia’ is mentioned 174 times in the terrorist’s compendium. ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ are mentioned 3,466 and 3,689 times, respectively, in the course of the 1,500 or so pages. Breivik sees academia, the media and most parties in the Norwegian parliament (the Storting) as partly responsible for this alleged process taking place.

The Eurabia conspiracy theory exists to a greater or lesser extent across Europe, and each country has its own specific enemies within, usually parties and media affiliated to left-wing politics. One of the main thinkers behind this conspiracy theory is British-Egyptian Gisèle Littman, also known as Bat Ye’or. In Norway, the blogger Fjordman has spearheaded these ideas.

The idea that a political elite within a country cooperates and conspires with an external enemy is also very prominent in conspiracy theories concerning Jews. Today, we see a tendency towards a fusion of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories resulting in the idea that Jews are making targeted efforts to flood Europe with Muslims.



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