22. juli-senteret

The Public Conversation About 22 July – Response

On 13 August 2012, a report was made public concluding that the authorities to a large extent failed to protect society on 22 July 2011. The police efforts on Utøya were criticised, but the central government was also criticised for failing to secure the government building complex. The conclusion that the attack in Oslo could have been prevented, and that many lives on Utøya could have been saved was particularly difficult for the victims’ family members.

The report praised the health services for their efforts, but also the invaluable help of volunteers on Tyrilfjord which had made a huge difference. With their own lives at stake, they assisted the police and saved the lives of youth fleeing from Utøya.

Some of the report’s conclusions have been criticised for benefitting from the privilege of hindsight, and not considering the real time situation. The report is nonetheless a comprehensive account of what did and did not work on 22 July 2011.