22. juli-senteret

About the Exhibition

The exhibition in the 22 July Centre has no age restriction and families with children are welcome to visit. We would however like to make it known to our visitors that the exhibition is not made for children, nor is it adapted to the needs of young children. Certain parts of the exhibition may provoke a strong reaction from children as the exhibition contains, among other things, images and witness testimony that can be both sad and frightening.

The 22 July Centre’s educational programme is created to suit the needs of pupils in grade nine and upwards. There may nevertheless be cases where children and pupils in lower grades may benefit from seeing the exhibition. In such instances, we recommend that guardians follow the practical information guidelines provided by the facilitators at the centre upon arrival. It is recommended that guardians know in advance what the exhibition’s contents and structure are, and the staff present in the centre will be able to assist with this information. It is important that children and adults remain together throughout their visit to the centre and we also recommend that guardians and children discuss the experience after the visit to the centre.